Friday, January 25, 2008

First post....pretty exciting stuff

I'm not too technically savvy, so this blog might very well suck. We'll see. I think I have a lot to say, and hopefully people reading this will enjoy...if anyone does read it.  I'm old school baseball, I like dirty uniforms and spitting, but I do my best to figure out what the hell sabermetric geeks and fielding bibles and stuff are talking about.  Speaking of sucking, introductions suck, so I'll get right into other things....

As most Jays fans know, they finally picked up Rod Barajas after a whole year of trying.  In this situation, Barajas is a lot like what some friends and I would call a "discount girl."  She thought she was hotter than she was, but ended up with a guy she ditched way later after getting dumped by the dude she really wanted. As much as I disliked what he did to the Jays last offseason, the whole thing amuses me, especially since he's taking a pay cut and he's coming in as the supposed backup. Could this be a case of J.P. getting some payback? I sure hope so. The insurance Barajas provides(assuming he's healthier than last season) is important, since Gregg Zaun is hitting about 90 years old and may be coming off of the sauce after the Mitchell report outed him. 
The only problem with this deal is that we'll be seeing a lot less of Sal Fasano's flavour saver because of this.  Actually, that's more of a problem for the ladies heading out to the Dome this summer.